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Associated Pallet, Inc. is a large wood pallet producer in Western Kentucky that currently employs over 100 people and manufactures more than 2,000 truck loads of wood pallets annually.

Since 1964, Associated Pallet has manufactured specialty pallets, GMA pallets, block pallets, blocking and boxes. We are also capable of kiln drying and heat treating pallets, a service we have had experience in since 1990.

Our products are custom built, high quality, and economically priced. Our reputation is based on our experience in the wood pallet manufacturing business as well as our commitment to building quality products for our customers.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why we hope you'll consider us to supply all of your wooden pallet requirements:




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Engineering Support.
Our pallets are "machine built" for accurate nail and board placement.

Computer software is used to aid in correct pallet design.
Material Selection.
Split Loads.
Pallets are constructed from Appalachian Hardwoods. No pine is used to ensure that European Union packaging standards are met.

We can accommodate split load orders.
Material Availability.
Warehouse Facilities.
Our ownership of sawmills and timberlands ensures an adequate raw material supply.

We can inventory high volume sizes to minimize order lead time.
Favorable Terms.
Heat Treating Facilities.
Sales terms are negotiable.
We operate kilns on site to heat treat or kiln dry all pallet sizes.
Environmental Support.
Depending on location, we can provide the benefit of removing scrap wood pallets from our customer's facility.
We were the first facility in Kentucky to be certified by the ALSC to heat treat and mark pallets in accordance with IPPC packing requirements.
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