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Associated Pallet, Inc. Facilities

Manufacturing Facilities

- Pallets "machine built" with state-of-the-art equipment for accurate nail & board placement
- Computer software is used to aid in correct pallet design; tests design for load strength
- Family of companies includes sawmills and timberlands, ensuring adequate raw material inventories
- Pallets constructed from Appalachian Hardwoods
- Produces over 1,000,000 pallets annually

Kiln Facilities

- Located on the pallet manufacturing site to heat treat or kiln dry all pallet sizes
- Contain all aluminum stainless kiln chambers
- High temperature and reversing fans capable
- ALSC certified to heat treat and mark pallets in compliance with IPPC regulations

Learn more about our kiln facilities.

Warehouse Facilities

- Available to stock high usage items
- Prevents contamination from mud, rocks, bird droppings and other contaminants




Shipping Facilities

- Company owned fleet of trucks
- "Just in Time" Deliveries
- Capable of side, end, and van loading


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