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The pallet manufacturing process:
Specific-sized products are cut

Cants are transported from sawmills by large trucks. The cants are sorted by size and stored at the pallet mill before being sawn.

The pallet mill uses multiple production lines to be versatile enough to cut many specific size products. Our machine operators utilize and cut material for the best advantage.


Cants are loaded onto the infeed deck to the cut-off saw. The operator cuts the cants into various lengths as determined by customer specifications.

The cants then enter the gangsaw. The operator planes the cants to the correct height and cuts the cants into various widths. With the gangsaw, our operators are able to cross-cut, plane, and rip through the wood all in one pass.

Any waste product is turned into wood chips, dust and planer shavings and are sold to various markets. Our mills do not waste any part of the wood product.

Lumber is sorted

Finished lumber moves along a conveyor belt to the lumber stackers who sort the lumber according to width and length.

Full stacks of lumber are placed in straight rows according to size on the concrete pad by a towmotor. The lumber will remain on the concrete pad until the nail building needs a particular size to manufacture pallets.

Pallets are constructed

Thousands of pallets are built daily. The lumber is selected for each pallet from the concrete pad and placed at each machine. The machine operators fill the hoppers with lumber. Each operator will build a few pallets for inspection to ensure the pallets meet the customer's specifications.

The nailing machines are programmed by the machine operator to build selected pallets. The Uni-matic builds single-face skids using two operators. The Turbo-max nailer is a computer-controlled high production machine that produces approximately 300 double-face pallets per hour. It is fully automated with machine stacking, making us capable of producing three truck loads of pallets per shift, ready for delivery.

We also repair and build specialty pallets with hand gun nailers.

Pallets are stacked and stored

Each completed pallet will follow a conveyor chain to the automatic stacker, where pallets are automatically stacked to the recommended count and set out on rollers.

Each stack of pallets is picked up by a towmotor and set down to be stenciled and banded if required by the customer.

The completed stacks of pallets are taken out on the yard by a towmotor and placed in the assigned area.

The pallets are loaded on a truck and shipped to customers in various industries such as the auto, steel, military, heavy equipment and European industries. All pallet loads are checked for quality before shipment.


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