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Industrial Drying & Sterilization Products

Industrial Drying & Sterilization offers the following treatment options to prepare pallets for use in the global market:

heat treating
kiln drying

To find out which service is right for your pallets, refer to the information below.

Heat Treating
Kiln Drying
Dormant insects that may be in the wooden pallets are destroyed using high temperatures in excess of 150 degrees. Select species have been used in the pallet assembly process that inherently resist certain insects.

Process Time
24 - 36 hours depending upon initial moisture content and ambient temperature.

3 - 5 days depending upon initial moisture content, ambient temperature and species of the pallet.
Finished Surface Moisture Content
Approximately 25%

Approximately 10 - 15%
Re-acclimation Period
Approximately 3 - 6+ weeks depending upon the relative humidity where the pallets are stored.

6 - 12+ weeks depending upon the relative humidity where the pallets are stored.
Bag Bleed
Reduces chance of bag bleed.

Eliminates bag bleed.
Pallet Strength
Same as the untreated pallets.

20% lighter and stronger.
Additional Benefits
No chemicals used in the process. Environmentally safe.

Cost Comparison
Relatively inexpensive compared to chemical treating or alternative methods.

Some additional cost over heat treated due to additional time spent in the kiln removing the additional moisture from the wood.

Phytosanitary Compliant





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