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Premium Hardwoods, Inc. Facilities
Storage Facilities

- fifteen acres of land
- holds 30,000 logs
- wet yard with two acre lake
Manufacturing Facilities

32,205 sq. ft. sawmill state-of-the-art machinery including:

- HMC Debarker

- RENS Whole Log Metal Detector

- McDonough 6-7A Bandsaw 1/8 Kerf, 240 teeth, 40 ft. long, travels at 8,000 ft. per minute

- Corley Line Bar

- PHL Edger

- Fulghum Chipper

- Silvatech Scanners

- Automated "Hands Free" Grading System

- 1500 Electric Horsepower


Company Manufactured Equipment

- Infeeds
- Decks
- Green Chain
- Transfers
- Roll Cases
- PATZ System
Learn more about the lumber manufacturing process.
Maintenance Facilities
On-site Fileroom
Premium Hardwoods, Inc. is maintained by an on-site fileroom and maintenance shop. Two saw filers are responsible for keeping the bandsaws operating to a desired production rate. Normal saw usage per day is two saws for each bandsaw. It takes approximately 3½ hours to prepare a saw for use after it has been used for 4½ to 5 hours.
On-site Shop
All machines and equipment are set up on a routine schedule to be serviced and maintained by in-house personnel. The trained mechanics, machinist and welders build and fabricate custom equipment as needed.

Ninety percent of the plant was built by its own employees. The on-site shop built the log decks, collection decks, inspection line and green chains to carry the logs, cants and lumber throughout the process until the lumber is stacked on the carts.

The shop also stocks parts and has the tooling available to make and repair most problems that occur to ensure maximum production levels.
Shipping Facilities
Company owned fleet of trucks

"Just In Time" Deliveries


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