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Please take a few moments to read more about our Timberland Stewardship Program and other forestry programs/acts. At the bottom of the page are links to informational websites about forestry in Kentucky and around the United States.


Premium Hardwoods, Inc.'s Timberland Stewardship Program

Premium Hardwoods, Inc. offers services to landowners to provide the best in timberland management practices.

Unlike many natural resources, timber is renewable. That means by taking the proper precautions, timber can continue to be harvested for industry indefinitely resulting in economic benefit to landowners while preserving the natural beauty and habitat of the forestland. Proper forestry management practices help improve the overall health of the forest, reduce pollution, and create better shelter for wildlife. At Premium Hardwoods, we understand the importance of trees in the habitats around us; that's why we take pride in our Timberland Stewardship Program. Effective management of timberland is a direct means to helping preserve Earth's natural resources.

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Kentucky Master Logger Program

Premium Hardwoods, Inc. utilizes certified loggers who have graduated from Kentucky's Master Logger Program to harvest landowners' timberland. Master loggers are trained in proper forestry techniques to ensure that the harvesting of the timberland does not harm the environment.

The Kentucky Forest Conservation Act passed in 1998 requires all commercial logging operations to have at least one graduate of the Master Logger program on site, in charge of the timber harvesting operations. These graduates are trained in Best Management Practices (BMP's) in order to properly harvest the timber and help maintain and improve water quality. Loggers must also complete continuing education every three years. The Kentucky Division of Forestry inspects logging sites to ensure the compliance of the Conservation Act.

Visit the Kentucky Master Logger website.


Kentucky Forest Conservation Act

The Act requires all commercial logging sites to have a Master Logger Graduate on site. Also required are the use of state approved Best Management Practices (BMP's) for water quality.

According to the Act, BMP means "effective, practical, economical, structural, or non structural methods that prevent or reduce the movement of sediment, nutrients, pesticides, and other pollutants from the land to surface or groundwater, or that otherwise protect water quality from potential adverse effects of timber harvesting operations as developed by the Division of Forestry and approved by the Agriculture Water Quality Authority."

In the Act, the Kentucky General Assembly declared that "healthy, sustainable forests that are ecologically sound provide economic opportunities and benefit the overall quality of life for all Kentuckians." In addition, "high quality forests provide clean air and water and biodiversity." The General Assembly said that "a diverse forest economy must include forest product industries, recreation, and tourism."


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